Smile Bar Necklace with Custom Beads in Gold Plating


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A significant milestone in your life deserves to be celebrated. Our Smile Bar Necklace with Custom Beads in Gold Plating is a trendy one to show off your mom’s title. This custom mother necklace features an 18k gold plated smile bar pendant, personal beads with names of your choosing, and CZ Spacers as a decorative addition. You’ll get:

  • A gold-plated smile bar pendant
  • 5 customizable beads with CZ spacers
  • Created from 18k gold plating sterling silver

A custom necklace like no other

With its soft, metallic shine and intriguing shape, it’s bound to impress wherever you decide to wear it. More than being just another custom mother necklace, it’s a piece that carries personal value and greatly shows your affection.

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18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver 0.925


Bar:1.81", Bead: 0.23"x0.15", Spacer: 0.22"x0.07"

Chain style

Cable Chain


6mm / 0.24"

Chain length



Gold, Rose Gold, Silver