Personalized Stainless Steel Bracelet: Custom Baby Gift

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In the realm of trends, classics retain their timelessness, defying the passage of fads – much like love, family, and authentic friendship. The tale of these cherished bonds finds its expression through the artistry of 4evae Jewelry. Step into a world of personalization, where your initials, the names of those held dear, significant dates, or even the measurements of a newborn find their place.

Each creation we forge is a product of meticulous handcraftsmanship, shaped from the finest materials, and imbued with significance through the precision of laser engraving.

Allow us to introduce our exquisite masterpiece: the newborn engraved bracelet. It stands as an emblem of fresh beginnings, unbounded affection, and the intricacies that give form to life’s pivotal moments. Engrave your baby’s name, birthdate, height, weight, and the date of their arrival – encapsulating a universe of sentiments in a single piece.

This work of art becomes exclusively yours, a testament to the remarkable story you’re beginning to write.


▸ Production: 2-3 workdays
 Bracelet Material: Stainless Steel
 Bracelet Size: 14-19.5 cm
Bead Measurements: 12x11x4.5 mm
▸ Engraving: Long-lasting, laser made
▸ Resistance: Water, sweat, and heat-resistant. High-quality plating means no tarnishing

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