Circle Pendant Necklace With Leaf And Custom Beads

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All our jewelry is custom-made by hand with Love and Care in our workshop ♡

  • Does NOT Tarnish or Rust – 100% guaranteed.

Our circle pendant necklace was designed to symbolize an eternal circle. A woman is the highest symbol of beauty because she is a full circle – she is able to transform, create and nurture. This alluring piece features four round beads, which can be customized however you see fit. Additionally, the necklace is embellished with a dangling leaf charm and a green, red or clear stone. Green symbolizes balance, freedom and optimism, red symbolizes courage and willpower and the clear stone is known as ‘the master healer’, it channels all the energy possible, leaving one feeling invigorated and happy. Other features include:


  • Chain size: 50 cm (20″).
  • 1 to 6 customized beads
  • 1 name, word, or date per bead
  • Does NOT Tarnish or Rust – 100% guaranteed.
  • Requires 2-5 business days to handcraft.

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Stainless Steel

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Gold, Rose Gold, Silver