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  • Heart Pendant Bracelet in Gold PlatingCharm Heart Bracelet

    Our Charm Heart Bracelet is certain to please! This piece offers bold details, yet it manages to provide go-everywhere appeal. With a lovely heart-shaped charm that dangles from its center, this stylish bracelet boasts oversized links and a lobster clasp for a secure, comfortable fit. The charm is engraved to […]

  • Chelsea Bangle with Heart PendantsChelsea Bangle with Heart Pendants

    Our Chelsea Bangle with Heart Pendants offers so many different ways to customize! This lovely piece showcases up to twelve open heart-shaped charms, each engraved with a name, nickname, or word to carry along with you everywhere you go. this stunning piece features: 1 to 10 open-heart charms 1 name […]

  • Custom Beads (Beads Only)Custom Beads Bracelet

    HOW TO ORDER 1. Select your Bead color Gold or Silver. 2. Type your engraving (Family members, Positive words, Numbers, Dates, or symbols…) you would like on the bar.

  • Custom Beads BraceletCustom Beads Bracelet

    Customized details make the Men Bracelet with Small Custom Beads in Silver a standout. This personalized bracelet features a handsomely braided band that fastens with a sturdy silver clasp. The circular beads add pleasing contrast and are engraved to order. Comfortable wax cotton braid wristband. Up to 7 beads. Each […]

  • Custom Engraved Logo Name Leather BraceletCustom Engraved Logo Name Leather Bracelet

    Our “Custom Engraved Logo Name Leather Bracelet,” is a unique accessory that beautifully merges personalization with style. Personalized Logo or Name: This bracelet goes beyond ordinary customization, allowing you to engrave your own logo or name, making it a signature accessory that stands out. Sleek Black Leather: The black leather […]

  • Custom Stainless Steel Beaded BraceletCustom Stainless Steel Beaded Bracelet

    Introducing our “Custom Stainless Steel Beaded Bracelet,” a distinctive accessory that fuses personalization and style. Personalized Beaded Bracelet: This bracelet merges stainless steel beads with tiger eye stones, creating a balanced blend of texture and character. Engraved Name Feature: Elevate the bracelet’s appeal by adding a customized touch—a name engraved […]

  • Linda Bangle BraceletLinda Bangle Bracelet

    So pretty! Our Linda Bangle Bracelet turns heads everywhere it goes while doubling as a reminder of what’s most important in life. This stunning piece is perfect for that mom or grandma who loves to show off the latest styles – and you might even want one for yourself! With […]

  • Navigator Braided Leather Bracelet for Men with Small Custom Beads in SilverNavigator Braided Leather Bracelet for Men with Small Custom Beads in Silver

    Stylish details give the Navigator Braided Leather Bracelet with Small Custom Beads in Silver plenty of visual appeal. With a supple band of braided leather in your choice of black or brown, this custom bracelet is personalized with up to five beads, each with an inscription of its own. A […]

  • Partner Bracelet With EngravingStay tuned for more exciting opportunities in the future. Thank you to everyone who participated! - 40 % Off
    Original price was: £41.99.Current price is: £24.99.

    Material: stainless steel Woman bracelet: Chain length: 16 – 19 cm adjustable ID Plate: 35mm x 4mm Men’s bracelet: Chain length: 18 – 22 cm adjustable ID Plate: 42mm x 6mm If jewelry should not only be an accessory, but something unique, this bracelet is the right choice. With our […]

  • Personalized 4 Sides Engraved BraceletPersonalized 4 Sides Engraved Bracelet

    Introducing the “Personalized 4 Sides Engraved Bracelet” a striking and individualized accessory designed exclusively for men. Custom 4 Sides Engraving: This bracelet goes beyond the ordinary, with the option to engrave on all four sides, allowing for a truly personalized and meaningful design. Black Beaded Chain: The black beaded chain […]

  • Personalized Baby Footprint BraceletPersonalized Baby Footprint Bracelet

    Introducing our Baby Footprint Bracelet, a personalized and meaningful piece of jewelry that captures the beauty of parenthood. Personalized and Meaningful: The Baby Footprint Bracelet is a personalized piece of jewelry that symbolizes the special bond between parents and their children, making it a meaningful accessory. Delicate and Adjustable Design: […]

  • Personalized Couple Bracelet SetPersonalized Couple Bracelet Set

    Introducing our stylish and meaningful 2pcs/set Custom 26 Letters Charm Couple Bracelet! These bracelets are designed to symbolize love and connection, making them a perfect gift for couples. Each bracelet features a unique braided rope design and is adorned with a heart-shaped magnet that attracts when brought close together. Symbolize […]

  • Personalized Cubic Zirconia BraceletPersonalized Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

    With six ovals separated by six stunning Cubic Zirconia, this personalized bracelet in 18k Gold Plating is the perfect mother panel bracelet that will help to celebrate any special occasion. With up to six engravings you can be sure that there is room for all her loved ones to stay […]

  • Personalized Elegant Love Letter Heart BraceletPersonalized Elegant Love Letter Heart Bracelet

    Introducing our exquisite “Personalized Elegant Love Letter Heart Bracelet,” a testament to love and elegance. Crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver, this double-layer bracelet features a unique design that combines sentiment and style. Love Letter Heart Design: The bracelet’s centerpiece, a love letter heart, embodies emotions and affection, making it […]

  • Personalized Family Name Beads BraceletPersonalized Family Name Beads Bracelet

    Introducing the “Personalized Family Name Beads Bracelet” a remarkable blend of sentiment and style curated exclusively for men. Family Name Engraving: This bracelet takes personalization to a new level by featuring the option to engrave the family name, creating a timeless piece that symbolizes unity and love. Stainless Steel Beads: […]

  • Personalized Men's Leather Bracelet with Stainless Steel Custom BeadsPersonalized Men's Leather Bracelet with Stainless Steel Custom Beads

    Introducing our “Personalized Men’s Leather Bracelet with Stainless Steel Custom Beads,” an exceptional blend of masculinity and customization. Personalized Family Names: This bracelet transcends conventional jewelry by allowing you to add family names to the stainless steel beads, creating a cherished keepsake that embodies love and unity. Genuine Leather & […]